About Me

Hi! My name is Julien Breault, founder of Breaultfitness. I’m a full-time online fitness coach helping people like you achieve their fitness goals like I did for me 4 years ago. Being a very motivated person in life, I help anyone who wants to exceed their own limits or just get back in shape physically. With experience in several disciplines such as CrossFit, athletic training, taekwondo, jogging, and bodybuilding, I was able to see the joys and difficulties that can be associated with daily physical fitness.

Through the BreaultFitness programs, I make it a priority to organize the most respectful, efficient and safe training schedule possible. Breaultfitness have only grown since 2017. My favorite part is instructing other individuals how to lift weights and turn out to be more positive about themselves and what their bodies are able to do.

I plan to help the greatest number of individuals as I can all through this journey and I trust that includes you!